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I am a former RAF pilot, flying planes at 250ft above the ground. I have paraded before Her Majesty the Queen, orchestrated air missions during 1995 Bosnia Crisis at just 19, worked with UK special forces, and topped my class of flying training.

When I left the RAF, I trained as an accountant and spent 2 decades in roles such as Board Director, Strategy Director and CFO in companies such as Vodafone and Coop; as well as several start-ups.

The mentoring and coaching I got from 19 years old has played out through my entire life and now I give back as a mentor and coach myself.


Life hasn’t been without its turbulence. I’ve lost my job, gone through divorce, and even had a fear of failure and self-doubt. However, all my experiences and skills have pivoted my trajectory into the realm where I now play.

I have learned the importance of commitment, perseverance, discipline, courage, and humility. I have become adept at decision making and adaptable under pressure.

It is through all my life experiences that taught me – quite literally – to Pilot My Life.  An approach of no nonsense and massive action which now forms the backbone of how I work with my clients.


My coaching is as unique as the individuals I work with.

We’ll take off with a 2 hour executive preview on Zoom or in London (this is on me). Here you’ll experience first-hand of what it’s like to work with me.

If, after our session, we’re both 100% committed to your success, we’ll chart a personalised flight path to help you reach your destination.

My past engagements with clients have ranged from one-day intensives to exhilarating three-day deep dive adventures, and longer term 1:1 collaborations.

What I can promise is this: If you’re ready to go full throttle, embrace courage, and push your limits, the results will be nothing short of game-changing.