Professional basketball athlete & Coach

Pavol Losonsky

Coaching has elevated me from a good player to an elite player, winning trophies and championships.

How Adrian digby guided me to pilot my own life

“Adrian has been recommended as one of the best in the game, someone to learn from. I was keen to discover whether that was true, and Adrian significantly overachieved my expectations. 6 months ago I was at the beginning of my coaching journey. I have had a vision but no strategies or knowledge on how accomplish my coaching goals. Adrian has shared all his wisdom and knowledge with me. Also, I have gained so much value and important insights in every conversation with Adrian. What I look for in a coach is someone who will challenge me but also helps me find the current path. I am a worker. I always get the job done, but sometimes I struggle to know WHAT needs to be done. I would never have expected the results from our conversations to happen so fast and I signed up two high paying clients in just one week with Adrian’s coaching and adopting his coaching approach as my own. If I was to describe Adrian’s coaching in words it would be: Partnership, real, ambitious, fun, transparent and powerful. The investment has been totally worth it and more, every conversation helps me move close to my ultimate goal. I create insights and get tons of value from each session. If you want to become the best at your own game, you need to start playing it. Coaching uncovers your full potential and get you to places where you might have never been before. Coaching has elevated me from a good player to become an elite professional player, winning trophies and championships and still dominating the game at age 35.”